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ChairSaver, Inc. Swivel Joint:

The patented ChairSaver Swivel Joint has been designed for boat chairs, marine chairs or helm chairs to reduce wear and tear on pedestal hardware, slider mount hardware or spider mount hardware.

ChairSaver Swivel Joint fits a standard (smooth) 2 7/8" pedestal hardware mount; can be ordered for the 4" smooth pedestal hardware, but will not fit in a ribbed or fluted pedestal hardware base and cannot be modified to fit.

ChairSaver Swivel Joint Product features:
1) Designed for the marine environment
2) Made of anodized aluminum, which insures low maintenance
3) Provides easy, smooth movement of your boat chair, marine chair or helm chair.
4) Heavy duty
5) Guaranteed to swivel easily with loads of 750lb protecting your pedestal hardware, slider mount hardware or spider mount hardware.
6) Lifetime guarantee

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Designed to reduce wear and tear on boat or marine chair pedestal hardware, specifically slider or spider mount hardware, the patented ChairSaver Swivel Joint (Patent 7,140,685) will fit all standard, smooth 2 7/8” diameter marine, helm or boat chair pedestals as well as many other smooth pedestal hardware sizes (however it cannot be modified to fit the fluted or ribbed pedestal hardware). Manufactured for the marine environment, this heavy duty mounting pedestal hardware is made of anodized aluminum and is rated to handle up to 750lb. Referred to as the "Big Guy's" swivel joint, the design reduces the friction and stress put on the slider mount hardware or spider mount hardware of the marine chair as the captain turns. The ChairSaver absorbs the constant grinding caused by movement in the boat chair, as it causes the mounting hardware to “float” on the pedestal rather than grinding against the pedestal. The more weight in the boat chair, and thus applied to the swivel joint, the smoother the boat chair will swivel. The swivel joint is low maintenance: simply clean and reapply marine grease each year to the bearing. Easy to install, this swivel joint inserts easily into the existing marine chair pedestal hardware. With a life time warranty, captains and boat owners are enthusiastic about how smoothly their boat chairs, marine chairs and helm chairs swivel...important as they search the waters for game fish, whether on the ocean in a sport fisher or on the lake in a bass boat; as well as reducing the constant need/cost to replace the slide mount hardware/spider mount hardware.

Illusions Boat Chair
Photo of Capt. Timmy Hicks aboard the Illusions…one of the first captains/boats in Kona to use the swivel.

ChairSaver Swivel Joint originated in Kona, Hawaii, to meet the demands of the local sport fishing fleet captains. Avid angler, local businessman/machinist Ken Gardner designed the swivel joint in his Honokohau Harbor Machine Shop after hearing captains and boat owners complain about constantly having to replace the top seat slider mount hardware or spider mount hardware. While designed for the standard 2 7/8” pedestal hardware, other sizes are available upon request.

If replacing the existing pedestal hardware or mounting hardware on your boat chair, marine chair or helm chair, our recommendation is to use Todd or Garelick products. For more information, please contact us.

Current users:

Enthusiastic captain's of ChairSaver Swivel Joint include: Capts. Rob McGuckin, Timmy Hicks, David Unger, Gene Vanderhoek, Steve Kaiser, Steve Rooney, Renny Boyd, Momi Bean, the late Capt. Rusty Unger, Capt. Tom Casey (Maui Jim)

Boats include: Illusions, Kai Lio, Maui Jim, Medusa, Alibi.


What some of the Kona and Maui charter captains have had to say about the Chair Saver Swivel Joint:
The Chair Saver swivel saved money, since I didn’t have to worry about replacing the spider mount.   It was easy to maintain…once a year pull it out and put new grease on the bearing.  Doesn’t get any better than that!  The chair turned so much smoother once I started using the swivel joint.  Thanks Ken!

Simply put:  a great idea!  Everyone should be using this insert in the helm chair pedestal…No more replacing the expensive slider mount!

So simple…but what a huge difference!  Eliminated the hassles of replacing the expensive spider.  Chair turns smoothly on the swivel joint…and requires so little maintenance and care.

Thanks for listening to our complaints, Ken!   The swivel joint you designed works so smoothly.  Boat owners and captains alike are happy since they no longer have to keep replacing the slider on the captain’s chair.  Impressive how it works so smoothly even with the bigger guys in the chair!

The chair swivels better than it did when it (and pedestal) were new!  No grinding, no stress on the spider mount…After 8 years, the swivel joint works just like it did when it came out of your shop.  Good job, Kenny!

Pedestal Hardware
Spider Mount Hardware
Slider Mount Hardware
ChairSaver Instructions:

1) Pack bearing and cup with axle/marine grease.
2) Remove excess grease.
3) Cover with plate.
4) Insert cup into pedestal plate up.
5) Replace chair onto pedestal hardware.

Maintenance: clean and regrease yearly.

I put one in both helm chairs on the bridge!  What a money saver…and everyone up top has commented on how much easier the chairs turn.  Great invention, Ken!


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